Leslie Sacks Contemporary is pleased to announce the much anticipated exhibition of new work by Los Angeles artist Alex Weinstein.

This new body of work by Alex Weinstein is executed on wood panels with deep beveled edges. The presence of the bevel invokes the illusion of the oil paintings floating off the wall, as a kind of reverse window or visual cut out of the architecture. Weinstein’s process reflects his training in the school of traditional painting. The seemingly ambiguous and quietly tonal paintings come from the extensive layering and building of color. The spectrum of the under-painted palette reveals itself as the ambient light around the painting changes. Weinstein has long since employed the traditional subject of the ocean as the vehicle through which he explores broader principles of interest. The paintings inevitably transcend the conventional depiction of the ocean and establish a new dialogue about painting.

Weinstein works simultaneously in an additive painterly manner and an extremely reductive and subtle approach. His new paintings endeavor to bring together on one picture plane the concepts of minimalism- objecthood, abstraction, and representation. The confluence of these three ideas in a singular painting yields imagery filled with both synonymous and opposing principles. Weinstein questions the notion of what a painting can be. Can it only be an object, only abstract, only representational? In these works he suggests they can all be present at once by making paintings that exhibit all three practices on a single plane.

Alex Weinstein’s work is held in esteemed private and corporate collections worldwide and is in the permanent collection of the Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, California.

Hi-res jpegs available upon request.