Greenfield Sacks Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works by American artist Charles Arnoldi and German artist Bodo Korsig. This exhibition compares and contrasts Arnoldi’s and Korsig’s approaches to the use of similar materials – specifically metals. The works in this show are made from aluminum, copper and steel with painted surfaces, and range in size from 5 x 4 1/2 inches to 72 x 60 inches.

Arnoldi’s works are executed in oil paint on copper and aluminum. This body of work came about while Arnoldi was creating a series of oil monoprints in the early 2000’s. After the plates were run through the press, he was drawn to the rich texture and matt surface of the paint on the plates. This lead Arnoldi to the idea of using metal as “canvas,” so he began making paintings in this manner, particularly in aluminum as its light-weight made working on a large scale practical. A selection of works consisting of both assembled monoprint plates and paintings on metal are included in this exhibition.

Bodo Korsig’s experience growing up in Soviet occupied East Germany was a powerful influence on his work, a force that lead to his concern with the diametrically opposed effects of repression and expression on the human mind. Works from two different series, Memory Fragments and Hidden Mind, are included in this exhibition. These works deal with the neurology of thought processes and actions. Within these works, ranging in size from 4 inches to over 6 feet, there are poignant juxtapositions; like the human mind itself, Bodo’s works are simultaneously strong and fragile.